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Pondering Puzzles

Pondering Puzzles

Okay, while in this post I’ll be talking about the games I’ve been creating in Wander, this post isn’t really about Wander specifically, but about text adventure games in general.  And more specifically, about puzzle design.

While planning out one of the games I was going to create with Wander, “The Eye in the Forest”, I kind of stumbled into a stupid trap of game design.  Fortunately, I think I stumbled back out of it.  I’d come up with a particular puzzle I was fond of, involving the player’s reaching a certain platform, but then later on it occurred to me that, given some of the available objects in the game and their possible interactions, there was another course of action that logically should also allow the player to get to the platform.  Of course, I already had a solution in mind for the puzzle, so I wrestled for some time with the question of how to rule out that unintended alternate solution. It wasn’t until the next day that the answer finally occurred to me, and when it did it was obvious:


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