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Where I’m Wandering

Where I’m Wandering

Well, dang.  It’s been over a week since my last post.  The thing is, I wanted to make another post about Wander, the text adventure system from 1974, since after all the focus of this blog was initially supposed to be on old game creation systems, and… I didn’t think I had anything to say about it.

As far as the game goes that I’m writing in Wander, well, I’ve basically got all the puzzles planned; I just have to finalize the map.  And I’ve got a good start on coding it—the initial rooms, anyway, and some bits I don’t need the map finalized for.  But I don’t really have anything I can easily show for it here on the blog.

I was also working on implementing an online version of the Wander interpreter in Javascript, and… well, that’s where things got bogged down a bit.  See, I figured that’s one thing I could post about here, when I got that done, and that’s something I’d want to have done before I finished the game anyway.  (Otherwise there’d be no easy way for anyone to play the game when I did finish it.)

The problem was, I was going about implementing the interpreter in just about the stupidest way possible.

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