About This Blog

About This Blog

Comparative Creation is a blog about game creation systems—that is, programs that are intended to allow people to create computer games.  Specifically, my main purpose of this blog is to investigate different game creation systems, trying to create a game with each one and writing about my experiences and my impressions of the system.  (The games I create will of course be made freely available upon completion… but I started this blog recently enough I don’t have any completed games to share yet.)

My intent is to look at game creation systems chronologically, to see how the concept and expectations of a game creation system have changed over time.  However, to break things up a bit and to avoid being entirely mired in the past, I’m also in parallel going to take a look at brand new game creation systems as well.

More information is available in the following posts and pages:

  • The Big List — This is the big chronological list of game creation systems I’m working from.
  • It Begins — My first post, where I lay out the rationale and inspiration for the blog.  (Though some things have changed since then; in particular, at the time I hadn’t planned on also looking at current systems.)
  • What’s In A Game? — A post laying out my criteria for what I’m counting as a game creation system.
  • Ifs and Elses — A post addressing some other details of my intended methodology for the blog.

Once I’ve finished with a few systems, I’ll also put up a page listing the systems I’ve blogged about so far, and linking to my posts about them and (if applicable) the games I created with them.

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