What’s It All About?

What’s It All About?

So, I finally got around to doing something I probably should have done earlier… added some features to the site to make it easier for new readers to find out what this blog is about.  There’s now a prominent “About This Site” widget on the sidebar on the right, and there’s a menu in the top right that can take readers to a new About This Blog page (also linked from the aforementioned widget) and the Big List.

And speaking of the Big List, yes, I’ve finally gotten around to doing what I said I was probably going to do eventually, and made it available as a Google spreadsheet.  (Since I already had it as an Excel spreadsheet, this was pretty simple to do.)  There have been a few additions to the list since I first posted the initial version, some from comments on previous posts and some that I found on Kickstarter.  There will certainly be more additions in the future; I still have some sites noted that may list other systems I don’t have on my list yet, and in fact a new one just occurred to me a few days ago: it turns out that you can search Steam for games with level editors.  Of course, most of the games and game creation systems that turn up in that search is going to be recent releases that aren’t a high priority to add to the list (since it’ll be a very long time till I get to them chronologically), but some are likely to be rereleases of old games.

Anyway, now that that bit of housekeeping is out of the way, tomorrow I plan to make a post about the Super Tony Land alpha… which I’ve been spending way too much time on the last few days…

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